CAS Consultancy Art & Law podcasts

Chapter One: The Public Realm

The first of CAS Consultancy’s series of podcasts exploring legal issues in the art world, The Public Realm brings together artists and commissioners with lawyer and series Chair Dominic Muller to discuss copyright, contracting, liability, indemnity, insurance and intellectual property alongside issues linked to Health & Safety, Planning and wider governmental policy.

A journey through the life of complex public art projects with some of the most experienced professionals in the UK, the discussion offers insights that will be welcome to artists and commissioners thinking about approaches to public realm contracting and delivery.

street art
The Cube

Colin Ledwith, Deputy Head, CAS Consultancy
Dominic Muller (Series Chair)
Fabienne Nicholas, Head CAS Consultancy
Kay Pallister, Gagosian Gallery
Sinta Tantra, Artist
Mark Titchner, Artist

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Chapter Two: Intellectual Property (IP)

The second of CAS Consultancy’s series of podcasts exploring legal issues in the art world. Intellectual Property brings together a panel of artists and IP arts specialists with lawyer and series Chair Dominic Muller. The hour-long podcast examines some of the myriad issues art faces in a world that is increasingly self-referential.

The panel come to grips with terminology that has a profound impact on the production of contemporary art: the artist’s moral rights, issues of copyright and the need for artists to retain control of their intellectual property are debated and discussed within a platform that is open to artists, students, gallerists, commissioners and collectors.

Ksenya Blokhina, Contemporary Art Society
Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Associates
Dominic Muller (Series Chair)
Daniel Rudd, DACS
Mark Titchner, Artist
Vivien Zhang, Artist

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Chapter Three: Digital Art and the Rise of NFTs

The third of CAS Consultancy’s series of podcasts exploring legal issues in the art world, Digital Art and the Challenge of NFTs brings together a panel of digital arts pioneers with lawyer and series chair Dominic Muller.

This podcast explores the ways in which NFTs and underlying technologies like blockchain and smart contracts present opportunities for increasing transparency in the art market and amplifying the legal empowerment of artists. It raises issues around intellectual property, ownership rights and notions of value, considering the ways NFTs and related technologies can lead to increased integration between digital and physical works and the potential legal implications for artists, galleries and other art market participants.

Claudel Goy, Arebyte
Hannes Koch, Random International
Dominic Muller (Chair)
Robert Norton, CEO and co-founder of Verisart

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